Discount offers

  • Access to highly personalized service via Privilege Banking Counter;
  • Free De-Mat Account Free C-ASBA service;
  • Free Internet banking;
  • Free activation of 3-D secure for e-com transaction;
  • 50% discount on Annual Locker Fees;
  • 50% discount on balance certificate issuance charge;
  • 50% discount on draft and swift issuance commission;
  • 50% discount on good for payment charge;
  • Swift cost for FCY transfer to Citizens account to be absorbed by the Bank;
  • Swift cost for FCY repatriation back to the source country to be absorbed by the Bank
  • Free Cheque Book (NPR Savings);
  • Option to choose between FCY and/or LCY Savings Deposit Account as a nominee Account;
  • Zero Minimum Balance in FCY Savings Account;
  • Joint Account Allowed for NRNs;
  • Loan Against Fixed Deposit Allowed for NRNs in Local Currency (NPR);
  • FCY to LCY Conversion Allowed (Service offered and privileged to be provided to first party is subject to NRB guideline/circular and inter policy of the bank);
  • Discounts on various hospitals, hotels and restaurants of Nepal where the Bank has special collaboration (Conditions apply)
  • Citizens Overseas FCY Fixed Deposit dedicated to NRNs with attractive interest rate and special features as mentioned below:
Currency Interest Rate for FDTenure
USD 5.80%Min. 2 years
GBP 4.90%Min. 2 years
EURO 3.20%Min 2 years
AUD 5.25%Min 2 years